Effective test automation in practice

This course will teach effective test automation in practice. A lot of test automation attempts fail due to a range of different circumstances.

The setup is a mix of theory with a lot of practical exercises.

What you'll learn

After this course you will be able to start assessing good approaches for long term test automation.

You will have enough skills to actually start implementing robust tests that require a minimum of maintenance.

This course can be adapted to both Java, Javascript, or .NET/C#, and will use an appropriate HTTP Client for this environment, and Selenium for web based testing.
A walkthrough of some of the most common test automation tools and concepts is included, but exercises are limited to Selenium and a relevant HTTP client.


This course teaches both the basics of test automation on the API and GUI level as well as general things to think of while introducing test automation.


This course will involve a lot of coding. However, this is not a programming course.
Attendees are expected to understand basic programming concepts, like; objects, classes, fields/properties, methods, arguments, and variable scopes.

Course meta information

The course will include lunch together both course days as well as regular fika breaks.

Course materials will be distributed to attendees.

Zington office at Birger Jarlsgatan 9, Stockholm
Two days
Maximum number of participants:
Jörgen Damberg
Your choice of English or Swedish

Target audience

This course target people with the intention of learning to actually start doing robust test automation.

This is a very fast paced course. The scope is huge and it will be a few intense days.

Contact and sign-up

For more information: Please contact:

Lena Brelin
Email: lena.brelin@zingtongroup.com
Phone: +46 76-859 38 82