Damberg one

This site belong to Jörgen Damberg. Jörgen is a nerd in the following areas:

Jörgen is based in Stockholm, Sweden. You can find him on facebook.


Master of no craft but hHappily engaging in wood working, blacksmithing, ceramics, textiles and clothing, iron making, bronze casting, armour making, and more crafts.

The joy of producing stuff with ancient methods and tools come from the engineering strive to understand the world and the inner working and nuances of stuff.

To get into production mode any initiated project are viewed as creating a prototype for when the actual attempt to produce the same thing will be initiated. Most of the time the produced stuff is good enough to be qualified as proper stuff and not a prototype. Not even mind tricks are considered cheating if they work.

Feel free to check out the album with some of the stuff produced:

Crafts thumbs

IT and QA

This site initially was started to host some job related stuff. There will be plenty of that kind of stuff here.

After gaining some experience from a wide range of job related roles and tasks it's time to share the insights with others.

Most worked roles in IT: