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Help filtering and searching content

Filter categories

Filter categories are overlapping. The same item in the list may have several categories. To make usage easier a filtering mechanism is included.

Filter checkbox usage

The filter checkboxes are made to react on changes for best flexibility. For example if a checkbox is unchecked, the items marked with that category is hidden. If a checkbox is checked an item with that category is displayed. Given the overlapping categories this could get really powerful, albeit a bit confusing.

URL query parameter filtering

URL query parameters could be used for category filtering and free text searching of item titles.


Query parameters matching filter names will be used to filter content. Negative searches for tilters may be performed by adding a false value to the parameter name.


Any remaining query parameter after filtering for categories is used for free text search of item titles.


You may also set language in the query parameters. Choices are 'swe' or 'eng'.


Remember that query parameters in the URL need to be URL encoded, for example meaning the space character equals %20.

Free text search

Free text search goes through the titles of the listed items for matches while adhering to filters used.

Deep search

The Deep Search feature is not very sophisticated. It tries to fetch the base file from each item in the list below and if it find any it performs a match towards the whole source code of the page.

Language selectors

Clicking on any of the language indicating flags will toggle the display of content in that language as well as changing the title of the tile. If both languages are selected, English is the default language.

Bypassing cache

Any query parameter name shorter than three letters will be ignored and is only there as a mean to bypass internet caches.

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Minimize filter selector

Filter categories